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Imane Ayissi 

Imane Ayissi, a designer from Cameroon who now lives in Paris, has always been a bit of a trailblazer in her field. His mother, Julienne Honorine Eyenga Ayissi, the first ‘Miss Cameroon’ after the country’s independence in 1960, used to break apart gowns belonging to him as a toddler in order to better understand how they were made, according to his father. He founded his namesake label in 2004 after going to Paris to work as a dancer and model, walking for the likes of Dior, Givenchy, and Lanvin among other designers. Despite the fact that he began by designing for private customers, he has subsequently gone on to display in various major fashion weeks, including Lagos, Dakar, and Shanghai. Besides Lagos, he has showrooms in New York and Paris, and his ready-to-wear cocktail dresses, made from Faso Dan Fani (Burkina Faso’s national textile), can be found at Alára, which has been dubbed Lagos’s counterpart to the legendary Colette in Paris by the press. Ayissi is building a reputation for himself as a visionary of Africa who offers a contemporary, multifaceted, and intelligent perspective. “Africa isn’t a nation; it’s a continent,” says the author. It is these basic clichés that make me unhappy, and I believe we deserve more than that.” ‘It’s my aim to demonstrate how enormously different our cultures are: in Cameroon alone, we have over 200 languages; there is a tremendous richness that I want to appreciate,’ says the artist. He has dressed celebrities such Zendaya, Angela Bassett, and Aissa Maaga in his clothing, which revive traditional materials while using unmistakably high couture know-how and flowing, pared-down aesthetics. His garments have appeared on the red carpet. Ghanaian kente (handwoven cloth with geometric patterns), Madagascarian raffia hemlines, obom (fabric made from the bark of a tree) fashioned into flower embellishments, Jackie Kennedy-style coats cut from bglanfini (Malian fabric dyed with fermented mud), and ndop (a traditional African fabric) are just a few of the fabrics on display at the show (resist stitched, indigo-dyed cloth from Cameroon). NJAL, which represents designers from more than 150 countries, reflects the modern face of fashion by supporting thriving artists who choose to create anywhere and everywhere; empowering creativity and connectivity by providing a platform where designers can engage with a global audience and showcase their work from wherever they call home; and reflecting the modern face of fashion by supporting thriving artists who choose to create anywhere and everywhere.

NJAL works inside a freshly realized version of the industry—one that lives outside of politics and the outdated paradigms that are destructive to the development and integrity of its designers, as well as the growth and integrity of the world at large. New York Fashion Week Alliance (NJAL) is a network that knows no boundaries, from pushing designers to use sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes to creating partnerships that strive to promote rising talent in a variety of ways.

NJAL’s DNA is based on the ideals of collaboration, transparency, shared creation, and the belief that the future of innovation will take place in an environment that is limitless; NJAL’s website development model, which is based on open source software, provides a space that embodies that very spirit. NJAL’s website development model is based on open source software.

A decade of experience as the industry’s premier source for identifying and supporting the world’s most creative designers has given NJAL an unmatched understanding of the requirements of its fashion entrepreneur community.

A retail revolution was launched as part of NJAL’s solution to the COVID crisis in 2020, in which the company connected artists and customers to deliver a new shopping experience in the premium category. In order to highlight the current fashion trend of discovering and purchasing one-of-a-kind items, we have created a marketplace for creations that cannot be found anywhere else.

Since its inception, NJAL has grown to become the world’s shop window for modern luxury fashion, including collections by more than 50,000 young designers from across the globe, all of which are available for purchase before they are seen anywhere else. Your purchases will help creative businesses get equal access to the global retail market by investing in sustainable and ethical fashion.” “Personalised, tailor-made, and delivered straight from the studios of our designers.”

The world’s biggest global community in the fashion industry will only continue to expand as NJAL continues to lead the charge in empowering the fashion industry’s future generations.

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