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Aini Organix

alizes in organic products. Aini Organix is a natural skin-and-body-care line inspired by Africa. They manufacture botanically infused shea and coconut oil products, including a wide selection of serums including jasmine and Moroccan rosewater. A.R. is a writer who lives in the United States.

While in graduate school, I began creating skincare products in response to a bad skin reaction. To be honest, everything was dreadful at the time. My skin was awful, my partner was obnoxious, school was stressful, and I despised my job. I visited numerous dermatologists and specialists, but no one was able to determine the source of my reaction. I felt really frustrated and, in true Drea fashion, tossed away all my cosmetic items and ointments. From that point forward, I decided to use only ultra-clean, hand-made items. It began simple enough—black soap, coconut oil, and shea butter—but after my skin cleaned up, my interest in African-sourced skincare products blossomed. As the child of African immigrants, I was already familiar with the therapeutic benefits of many African plants, but through research, I was able to gather a wealth of knowledge about the continent’s natural riches. I desired that my products reflect the bounty of these fertile fields. Soon, I was receiving several compliments on my skin and creating goods for all my family and friends.

I went to Atlanta about a year later and was instantly greeted by a slew of millennials who were creative, innovative, and determined. I was inspired and decided to launch a full-fledged business with my own skin care products. I was ecstatic about this fresh beginning, and after considerable deliberation, I decided to call my brand Aini, the Arabic term for new beginning. To be completely candid, I put “organix” at the end because it was the only accessible domain that I liked, and thus my brand was formed.

I’m passionate about beauty and empowering individuals to feel confident in their own skin. I’m currently enrolled in graduate school to earn a degree in chemistry in order to further develop and strengthen my cosmetic formulation talents. Since day one, my goal has been to create the most effective and strong items possible, but I’ve always desired more for our brand, specifically through these three missions:

To celebrate the abundance of African resources as well as the diaspora’s resources and culture.

To bolster the livelihoods of the craftspeople and farmers who gather and produce our ingredients.

To promote a low-toxicity way of living. We think that our bodies function optimally when we utilize what God created on this land naturally, and that no medicine is more potent than what grows in the soil.
Aini Organix is a small business owned and maintained by women of color in Atlanta, Georgia. We create, package, and sell natural skin and body care products inspired by Africa. Each of our products has at least one element from the continent, resulting in expertly crafted, effective goods that will forever alter your perception of beauty products. We feel that self-care is critical and that Mother Nature gives us with incredibly potent elements. We make no compromises on the quality of our products and guarantee richness and luxury in every bottle. We’re sure you believe you’re an expert on skincare, but guess what? There are plenty others that we are certain you are unaware of!

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