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Nubian Skin

NUBIAN SKIN absolutely pays attention to what our consumers have to say. The initial collection was extremely simple, but now that everything is produced in Europe, I am able to be more hands-on. I’ll meet with vendors and look at various fabrics and designs. With all of this in mind, I draw the lingerie I desire and then start working with product development, fitting samples, and patents, making revisions as needed.

In principle, a naked bra and skin tone hosiery are the foundations of every woman’s wardrobe. For many women of color, finding hosiery and lingerie that matches their skin tone has proven impossible. Frustrated by a dearth of skin tone options to complement her ever-growing wardrobe, Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian Skin, thought it was time for ‘a different type of naked.’

Ade was inspired to create Nubian Skin by trailblazing women Eunice W. Johnson and supermodel Iman, who founded Fashion Fair and Iman cosmetics. It’s been a long road, but every revolution must begin somewhere.

Nubian Skin began with a carefully curated assortment of lingerie and hosiery designed to meet the basic underwear requirements of women of color. Nubian Skin, headquartered in London, ships globally and looks forward to extending the company’s range and reach.

Therefore, for all you lovely ladies, the next time you require a pair of naughty hold-ups or even a naughty strapless bra to wear beneath that wonderful white halter dress, Nubian Skin is simply a few clicks away.

Women Empowerment. Accepting our Color.
Ade Hassan, MBE, founded Nubian Skin.

“My nakedness is unlike the nakedness I see in stores. Despite the fact that women of color have the same lingerie and hosiery needs as all women, the industry just does not cater to us. Thus, I reasoned, it is past time to reconsider the notion of naked “‘.

Ade created a genuinely innovative product. Nubian Skin was able to accomplish something greater than itself, and by redefining ‘nude’ and making the phrase more inclusive, Nubian Skin was able to exert a significant amount of influence, with many other sectors of the industry recognizing the need to be more inclusive. The accomplishments she has made attest to this. Being featured in every major fashion magazine; supplying the wardrobes for major West End and Broadway plays; and being chosen to furnish the underpinnings for Beyoncé’s Formation Tour!

Ade was honoured with an MBE at Buckingham Palace in 2017 for his contributions to fashion. The award was given in honour of Ade’s dedication to her aim of redefining nakedness and the influence she has had on the fashion world as a result.
She adored the concept of Nubian Skin but had yet to find out how to make it a reality. She was distracted by her busy, client-focused job as a full-time finance professional at a boutique private equity placement agency.

A true friend, and at the time the only non-family member with whom she revealed her goal of Nubian Skin, sent her a birthday card with a message expressing her admiration for the concept and expressing her hope to see her on the cover of Forbes one day.

The following day, Ade registered the firm and began the trademark process, and her business took off thanks to adrenaline.

She began sleeping by her bed with a notebook in response to ideas that occurred to her in the middle of the night. Her business had taken possession of her.

When asked about her reason for starting her firm, the businesswoman stated that she was irritated by the lack of diversity in nudist lingerie and hosiery.

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